Are Cupcakes Better With Butter Or Oil?

There is no one right answer. Both butter and oil can make delicious cupcakes – it just depends on the recipe and your personal preferences. Oil creates a moister, more tender crumb, while butter bakes …

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why does my cake have a dome?

Why Does My Cake Have A Dome?

Baking a cake includes such actions as just the right balance of ingredients, your mixing techniques, and even heat The dome shape that forms on top of a cake can be chalked up to a …

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why did my angel food cake fall?

Why Did My Angel Food Cake Fall?

Oh dear, a fallen angel food cake can be disappointing! There are a few factors that might cause it to fall. Using the wrong pan, like a non-stick or flat-bottomed pan, won’t allow the cake …

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Why Is My Cake Dry?(Answered)

Why is my cake dry? This is a common question when it comes to cake baking. After all, baking is more like science.  Everything has to be just right to get the right results you …

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Do You Have To Water Bath Cheesecake?

So you would love to make a cheesecake.  But one thing is holding you back.  The dreaded water bath! I know. I held off for a long time from making a cheesecake for this very …

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