Do You Need A Stand Mixer? Four Questions To Ask Yourself First

Do you need a stand mixer? Before answering this question, there are four other questions you need to ask yourself first. 1. How often will you use a stand mixer on average? Once a week or more often?  If not, how often do you bake? 3. Do you have the space? Many stand mixers are bulky and heavy. 3. Is a Stand mixer in your budget? Many brands and models can be costly. 4. Will buying a stand mixer make your life easier?

How Often Will You Use A Stand Mixer?

If you do a lot of baking, especially on holidays, you will get a lot of use out of that stand mixer. It is especially great when making bread, let the stand mixer do the kneading for you. Make lots of cookies? Mixing up that stiff cookie dough is a breeze.

Do any of your recipes require whipping egg whites?

A stand mixer can be used for other cooking needs as well. My daughter-in-law uses her stand mixer to make mashed potatoes. I love whipped mashed potatoes.  Don’t you?

Do You Have The Space For A Stand Mixer?

Many stand mixers are large and bulky.  Do you have a place to keep it where it is out of the way when not in use? I used to keep my stand mixer on a metal cabinet in the corner of my kitchen.  I would move it to my island when I wanted to use it. It is heavy and bulky to move, so I just decided to keep it on the corner of my island.  It really isn’t in the way.

Another thing to consider when it comes to space is whether the model you are looking at is either a bowl lift or tilt head model. You will not be able to use a tilt-head model under a cabinet. You need plenty of headspace to use it.

While a bowl-lift model is a little more expensive, it might be a better choice in the long run. I am actually considering upgrading to one.

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Is A Stand Mixer In Your Budget?

There are many makes and models that are more affordable on the market these days.  KitchenAid is a very popular brand known for its versatility and durability, but it is also on the high end of the budget.

Take a look around at the other options that may fit more comfortably into your budget. Other brands to consider are Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, and Sunbeam.

Will these other options live up to your expectations? Do you want a metal or glass mixing bowl? Tilt-head or bowl-lift model?

What size of a stand mixer do you need? The bigger the stand mixer the higher the price.

Will A Stand Mixer Make Your Life Easier?

Yes, in my opinion.  I am not a slave to standing there holding a handheld mixture.  I can put my ingredients into the stand mixer and go about doing something else, such as getting my pans ready or clearing the countertop. There is nothing worse than just standing there when I could be doing something else while my ingredients are mixing.  But don’t venture far. You do need to keep an eye on the stand mixer.

It is also much easier if you are planning on doubling your recipe.

For years I have wanted a KitchenAid Stand mixer, but it wasn’t in the budget. Then, I received one as a gift from my daughter. I was so excited when I saw the box.

You see for years, every year at Christmas, I made Divinity and was always on the lookout for an affordable hand mixer that would “do the job”. And bought a new hand mixer every year just for that purpose. None of those hand mixers ever lived up to my expectations.

My stand mixer has made making divinity a joy again and so much easier than standing there with a hand mixer. I just set my timer on my stove and let the stand mixer do its magic while I tidy up my kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Before deciding on buying a stand mixer, ask yourself these four questions first.

Many times, there are things that we want but don’t necessarily need. But then there are times that we want something and after getting it, realize “wow I really needed this”.

All those years buying a hand mixer every year,  I should have just invested in getting a stand mixer to begin with.

A stand mixer can be a good investment for your kitchen and your cooking style.

I hope this article has helped you in deciding whether to invest in a stand mixer. I can tell you that I absolutely love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Being able to make great divinity at Christmas alone is worth it to me.

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