Is unrefined coconut better for baking

Is Unrefined Coconut Oil Better For Baking?

Unrefined coconut oil brings an intense coconut flavor and aroma, making it ideal for baked goods where you want coconut to be the dominant taste. Meanwhile, refined coconut oil has a subtle coconut essence and …

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Are Cupcakes Better With Butter Or Oil?

There is no one right answer. Both butter and oil can make delicious cupcakes – it just depends on the recipe and your personal preferences. Oil creates a moister, more tender crumb, while butter bakes …

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substitute shortening for butter

Can You Substitute Shortening For Butter?

Out of butter? But there is a can of shortening in your pantry. Hmm, Can you substitute shortening for butter? While butter and shortening are different products, with some simple adjustments, you can absolutely substitute …

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