Can I Freeze Pecan Pie Filling?

The good news is that pecan pie filling freezes really well. The high sugar and fat content in the filling means it holds up better to freezing than many other desserts. As long as you …

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Why Does My Pumpkin Pie Crack On Top?

Why does my pumpkin pie crack on top? Making a pumpkin pie might look easy, but little things like overbaking, overmixing, or not letting the pie cool down slowly can cause unwanted cracks. These small …

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Should i peel peaches

Should I Peel Peaches For Cobbler?

You just picked up some fresh, ripe peaches from the farmer’s market, and you can’t wait to use them to make a delicious peach cobbler. But before you start mixing up the batter, you realize …

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Lemon cheese tart Recipe

Lemon Cheese Tart Recipe

My mom loved anything lemon. When I came across this lemon cheese tart recipe she had already passed away but I know she would have loved these. Lately, I have found myself craving lemon.  I …

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Fresh Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Fresh blackberry cobbler sure does bring back childhood memories.  When I was a child my family would go downstate to visit my mom’s sister. My aunt lived out in the country and we would go …

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why does my pie have a soggy bottom crust

Why Does My Pie Have A Soggy Bottom?

You cut the pie that you have worked hours making. And to your horror, the bottom is soggy.  Well, shoot, you do not want to serve this soggy mess to your guests.  But you also …

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why does my pie crust shrink?

Why Does My Pie Crust Shrink?

The main reason why bakers end up with a pie crust that shrinks is that they are not using any weights when blind-baking the crust.  The second important reason is not chilling your dough. But …

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